Creating Smart Marina's

In combination with IoT connected sensors and our marina-management software, we offer all-in-one solution for our customers.

Marina Flow


Smart marinas are the future of boating and water activities. They are designed to provide boaters and yacht owners with the latest technological advancements, making their time on the water more convenient and enjoyable.
One of the key features of smart marinas is the use of smart technology. This includes sensors and software that can monitor and manage everything from lot-occupancy to weather conditions. This allows marina staff to anticipate and respond to any issues before they become problems, making the overall experience much smoother and safer.
Another benefit of smart marinas is the integration of smart boating apps. These apps can help boaters with everything from navigation to finding the best local restaurants. They can also be used to schedule maintenance and fueling services, so boaters can focus on enjoying their time on the water.
In addition to technology, smart marinas also prioritize sustainability. Many use eco-friendly practices to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the surrounding environment. Our solution gives the possibility to let the boaters pay electricity and water after use.
Overall, smart marinas provide a modern and convenient boating experience while also being environmentally conscious. They are a great way to enjoy the beauty of the water while minimizing your impact on the planet.

Smart sensors

Berth sensor

Our Berth sensor is measuring whether the particulair berth is occupied or not. With this tool the marina manager always…

Water sensor

Our Water sensor gives access to the water supplies in the harbour. Pay per use is fair and the way we all should take care of…

Electricity sensor

Through our electricity sensors, boats get access to connect to the power pedestals. Electricity will be billed after use. This a much more fairly use of electricity can be achieved. Furthermore…